Terms and Conditions

2Painter provides professional painting services in Dubai at affordable rates. We request our customers to understand our terms and conditions before getting our professional painting services for your home, office, shop, garage, etc.

Let’s have a look at our terms and conditions:

Color selection:

We request our customers to choose any color of their choice at least one-week before starting formal work. Our management team members sign the color selection agreement with you one-week prior to starting work. Any changes after signing the agreement will cost you extra charges.

Amendment of agreement:

No amendment will be made in the agreement after both parties have signed the agreement. You can retain the original document for review. The amendment of the agreement is possible only in case it is not signed by our team management team members. However, no extra fee will be charged.

Your responsibility:

We request our customers to evacuate the space before the arrival of our team members. Our professional painters require exclusively free space without any piece of furniture or decorative items. No children, pets, or adults are allowed to stay. Turn off all alarm systems.

No liability:

2Painter is not liable for any damage. We demand a free zone to work without restrictions. You are responsible for the loss of your precious items.

Undiscovered conditions:

If any unforeseen condition such as moisture damage, excessive wood damage, UV damage, or repair damage is discovered by our expert painters, they will inform you. In case, you want repair services prior to painting service, we are ready to serve. However, you will be charged for it.

Payments Online Cash or Check:

We accept online cash or check .We request our customers to deposit 25% money after confirmation of the task from you. All fee deposits must be made at least 7 days before the start of formal order. Otherwise, your bookings will be canceled. Full payment will be made after completion of the task one the moment.

7 day right to cancel:

We give you the freedom to cancel your appointments at least 7 days before the execution of the final task. You will not be charged even a single penny. However, make sure that you have informed our team members and you have cancellation verification from us.

Leaving equipment on your premises:

If are getting our services for more than one day, we need your premises to leave our equipment or heavy tools. The area must be secured and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.

Weather damage:

2Pianter claims to provide high-quality services. However, the choice of selection of paints is up to you. Only weather-resistant paints tend not to decay over time. You cannot claim weather damage under such conditions. Please see the manufacturer’s warranty in case of weather-resistant paints.

Health and safety guarantee:

2Painter claims the safety and health of the customers by using certified products. We welcome our customers to inform us about any site-specific hazards. In case of any complaint, you can contact us within 24 hours of completion of the task. We like to listen from you.

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