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Are you looking for affordable and reliable apartment and villa painting services in Dubai? Contact 2Painter to refresh the exterior and interior of your space.

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Apartment and Villa Painting Services in Dubai


2Painter is a leading apartment, and villa painting company that offers trusted, cost-effective, and professional house, villa, and apartment painting services. Whether you want to repaint the apartment while moving in an apartment or want to change the outlook of your home, we are always ready to serve you.

Your personal space either your workplace or your house deserves all the attention. A finely painted is the fundamental step to an impressive space. Your space speaks volumes of your taste to every laid eye. Hence, it is essential to wisely choose your painting company. Worried how this tremendous task can be done? Well, no worries because 2Painter is here to save you. With a hardworking and talented team, 2Painter provides the promising finish your personal space, villa, house or apartment deserves. We have decades of experience in providing reliable apartment, home, and villa painting services in Dubai.

We have professional painters in Dubai who are highly trained and experienced. We assure you that every penny spent is worth it when you collaborate with 2painter. Its superb cost packages are a fusion of affordability and quality. The key to the road to success is our communication skills. As minor/major details in the interior and exterior modifications of your dream place matter a lot. So, it is mandatory for us to understand your specific requirements, hence we make certain to communicate clearly while dealing with our clients.

Where  Apartment or Villa painting service in Dubai is concerned, one question related to the quality of paint hits the mind whether the paint remains bound to its substrate or loses its essential properties. Therefore, the selection of the right paint is absolutely crucial to attaining this objective. For fulfilling this purpose 2painter are confident about the quality and standards of paints. No dripping of paint from walls and evenly coverage of paint.

Worried about color selection? Don’t take any sort of stress because we have some experts in our team to help you choose the color so you can make your personal space desirable heaven. Customer satisfaction is our main agenda, hence once we start your project, you and your place will get every kind of care, attention, and professional advice it deserves.

Most people in Dubai have trust issues and find it difficult to hand over a big responsibility. Now you can trust 2Painter to take care of your place. We are a highly professional and best-rated company in Dubai with customer satisfaction. Whether it is your villa Painting in Dubai or your personal room painting in Dubai, be ready to make your place worth living. We don’t compromise with quality so we use the best brand of paint. We use certified equipment, which is eco-friendly and safe. We give fresh look to your place with a bright color painting service, which makes it livelier.

Our Residential Painting Services:

1# Villa Painting:

Give a refreshing look to your villa with our custom-made villa painting services.

2# Apartment Painting:

Hire our certified apartment painters when you are moving in or moving out of the apartment. Contact us for more details. Call us today to find 2 bedroom apartment painting costs with our experienced painters.

3# House Painting:

Hire our experienced painters to change the entire look of the interior and exterior house.

4# Kitchen Painting:

Paint the cabinets, walls, and ceiling of the kitchen to boost your mood.

5# Bathroom Painting:

Get rid of mold and mildew with our certified bathroom painting services in Dubai.

6# Hallway Painting:

The experienced home & apartment painters near me paint your hallways with fresh colors to leave a positive image on your visitors.

7# Door Painting:

We provide reliable painting services for plastic, acrylic, wooden, and many other types of doors.

8# Ceiling Painting:

Hire our ceiling decorators to paint it with the best colors. We handle all kinds of projects to meet your expectations.

9# Living Area Painting:

We meet all your professional living area painting needs to add a touch of elegance and charm.

10# Dining Room Painting:

Add complimentary colors to your dining room to add a luxurious touch to this formal place.

11# Basement Painting:

Give a new look to your basement with our professional painting services. Call us for a free estimation!

Why Choose Our Apartment and Villa Painting Services?

2Painter offers custom-made villa, house, and apartment painting services in Dubai.

  • We use state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality painting materials to paint the hard-to-reach areas.
  • We have a team of licensed, bonded, experienced, and trained house, apartment, and villa painters in Dubai.
  • We help our customers to choose the best color schemes that enhance the interior of homes, apartments, and villas.
  • Our certified home & apartment painting contractors have industry-specific knowledge to keep our customers updated about the recent procedures.
  • Our professional team members are aware of the latest trends to update the entire look of the apartment, villa, or house as per your recommendation.
  • We offer affordable deals for all kinds of houses, villas, and apartment painting services.
  • We make a transparent deal with no hidden charges and no extra money.
  • We deal with all kinds of painting services for apartments, villas, and houses of all sizes.
  • You can schedule your residential painting services 24/7. Our dedicated team members are ready to meet your requirements.
  • We use our premium-quality, non-toxic, non-fuming, quick-drying, durable, and the best paint for apartments, houses, and villas to ensure your safety.

What Is Our 4-Step Apartment and Villa Painting Plan?

The trained painters at 2Painters follow a custom-made strategy to meet your expectations. Please have a look at our 4-step residential painting plan.

1# Site Inspection:

After confirmation, we send our experienced team members for site inspection. The house & villa painters near me analyze the requirements of the area to design a customized plan for your house, villa, or apartment.

2# Selection Of The Best Procedures:

After a detailed site inspection, our trained team members chose the best paint colors and procedures the deliver the best results. We share our opinions with our clients for their approval. We welcome changes made by our customers.

3# Start The Procedure:

We start our painting procedures after your approval. We use the best tools and reliable surface treatment procedures to deliver what we promise to you.

4# Analysis Of Results:

Once we have completed the procedure, we wait until the paint dries. If we find any flaws, we fix them immediately to guarantee your satisfaction. We do not charge extra money for alternations.

How Do We Do Apartment and Villa Painting?

Here is a brief description of how do we paint your villa, house, and apartment.

  • Once we have completely analyzed the site and understood your requirements, we design a customized strategy for the painting job.
  • We cover the entire essential objects, door & window frames, doors, cabinets, ceiling, fans, air-conditioning units, and light fixtures to avoid splashes.
  • We remove paint chips, ripped-off wall paints, and stubborn spots to create a smooth surface for painting.
  • We prepare the surface by applying high-quality primers to increase the adhesive properties of the painting materials.
  • We apply premium-quality painting materials with the help of professional-grade equipment.
  • We apply sheen coats either matte or glossy as per your choice.
  • Whether you choose white paint for the apartment or a bold color panel, we are here to serve you!

How to Contact 2Painter?

We understand the busy schedule of our customers, so our service is just a call away from you. Call us at +971 54 556 5956 and make your dream come true. You can also drop your mail at [email protected], for any sort of queries, our services are available for you. Our current location is Grosvenor Business Tower Dubai, UAE. Once you hire us, we assure you won’t go to any other painting services in Dubai.

To get a personalized quote, please contact us today. We coordinate with our clients at every stage. Additionally, we provide free estimation for our house, villa, and apartment painting prices. We request our customers to share their specifications with us for a free estimation. Please note that we share estimated prices based on the information provided by you. The actual house, villa, or apartment painting cost may vary from estimated prices due to the painting materials and adopted procedures.

Please feel free to share your queries with us within 24 hours if you are not satisfied with our painting services. Visit our website to submit your queries. Enter your name, phone number, email address, and leave a message. Our proactive team members will get back to you as soon as possible to resolve the issue. Moreover, we send our certified painters to fix the issue.


Description with Jotun Paint Charges for Apartment Painting Charges for Villa Painting
Studio Apartment AED 650/- AED 850/-
1 Bedroom AED 850/- AED 1000/-
2 BedroomAED 1200/- AED 2000/-
3 Bedroom AED 1,500/- AED 2650/-
4 Bedroom AED 3000/- AED 3550/-
5 Bedroom AED 4000/- AED 4500/-
Description With National Paint Charges for Apartment Painting Charges for Villa Painting
Studio Apartment 450 AED 650 AED
1 Bedroom 750 AED 850 AED
2 Bedroom 1100 AED 1850 AED
3 Bedroom 1400 AED 2250 AED
4 Bedroom 2500 AED 3000 AED
5 Bedroom 3000 AED
3500 AED


Al ManaraJumeirah SecondNad Al hamar
Al Markad Jumeirah ThirdMirdif
Al MinaMadinat JumeirahMuhaisnah l
Al MuraqabatMankhoolMuhaisnah ll
Al MuteenaNaifAl Mizhar
Al Nahda FirstOud MehtaAl Khawaneej
Al Nahda SecondUmm Al ShaifAl Waqara l
Al QusaisUmm SaqaimAl Waqara ll
Al RiqqaZa'abel FirstAl Waqara lll
Al SafaZa'abel SecondNaad Al Shiba l
Al SatwaAl MurarNaad Al Shiba ll
Al ShindaghaAl KhabisiNaad Al Shiba lll
Al WahedaAltwar lNaad Al Shiba lV
Al WaslAltWar llRas Al khor industrial Area l
Hor Al AnzAl RashidiaRas Al khor industrial Area ll
Hor Al Anz EastNadd ShammaRas Al khor industrial Area lll
Jumeirah FirstUmm RamoolAl Marqadah
Business BayKnowledge VillageJebel Ali Industrial Area
Al QuozDubai Internet Cityjumeirah Residence
Al Barsha lDubai Media CityThe Gardens
Al Barsha llDubai Festival CityThe Springs
Al Barsha lllJebel Ali PortThe Jumeirah Islands
The LakesThe MeadowsEmirates Hills


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