Exterior house paint colors demand huge money. So, you can’t just play with colors. You need to take information about exterior paint colors schemes that will suit your house. So you don’t just waste money by applying boring paint color hues. Moreover, if you want a majestic and advanced look at your home for a long time go through the complete article.

Many families do hang out outdoor in houses lawns or gardens, and this approach is increased over the last couple of years due to Covid -19. So vibrant color can make outdoor a fresh and you can enjoy more. We also provide the best Apartment & Villa Painting in Dubai.

15 Fantastic Exterior Home Paint Colors

The latest trend in exterior paint color shows the switch from old-fashioned white colors to more interesting bright colors like blue, green, yellow, and many more. If you revamping a complete house also check our best paint color ideas for a small bathroom in 2022.

Following the exterior home paint colors scheme will help you in your house painting task.

1. Shades of white:

The white, off-white, or cream and Alabaster color shades of white colors are conventional colors but still in trend as exterior house paint colors in 2022.

  • White paint color

The white color gives bright look to the home. Mostly the symmetric homes give a beautiful feeling when colored white paint with the darker painted roofs.

  • off-white paint color (ivory/cream color)

  • Alabaster paint color (warm soft off-white )

The alabaster and off-white color are lighter shades of pure white. These colors are usually used for painting the exterior trims of a house. Such colors are also getting popular in modern farmhouses’ exterior paint. Further, the alabaster and cream colors create serene with surrounding greenery and contrasting black or brown door and windows.

2. Tints of gray:

  • Iron Ore

Iron ore is a dark gray charcoal color without any undertone.it gives a sophisticated and luxurious touch to your home exterior. In addition, contrasting it with white color tints painted on the siding. Also, it is great for the front door, and exterior trims.

  • Light gray

Another most trendy gray shade is light gray for 2022. It is mostly preferred for the main body of the house as it gives an extremely advanced appearance.

  • Dark gray/ peppercorn

It is lighter than the iron ore color. This color offers soft and earthy vibes when paired with white color trims highlighted by darker paint.

  • Gray-blue/ Pool-house

Pool-house is sharp gray with undertone blue. It is also lighter than iron ore. Similarly, like other gray hues, it looks perfect with white siding and burgundy or red main gate.

  • Gray-green

One more beautiful shade of gray is gray-green. It suits any design house with excessive light.

3. The tones of blue:

  • Hale Navy paint color

Another on-trend color is hale navy. It is a deep navy-blue hue which is the long-lasting color scheme for the house exterior. Also, it is slightly lighter than black with soft vivid vibes.  Use this as the primary exterior house paint color with white trims. Furthermore,  this color also fits with the front door and roof.

  • Pale blue/ Pool-house

Light blue comes in many shades which makes selection challenging. But we recommend medium-light blue for the house exterior. Use pale blue as the primary color with the white color as trim and siding color. Also, you can apply pool house as siding or trim color with navy blue as the house’s main body color. Both the application ways deliver a cool and cozy view.

  • Deep blue

Another trendy dark color for house exterior in 2022 is deep blue. Deep blue is lighter than navy blue which has a grey undertone. Such color used for house roof with the light pink main body and white windows colors gives a luxurious feeling.

4. Hues of brown:

  • Warm Brown

A warm brown is also a leading exterior paint color for 2022. Such color is accented by the burgundy color door and white trims. In addition, it is a perfect match for brick walls.

  • Dark brown

Likewise, warm brown the dark brown color is a nice choice for the exterior of the house. This earthy tone gives a soft and solid look to the home. The homes with dark-brown roofs and light brown as the main body color look super cool.

5. Bracken Slate exterior house colors:

Such color has an undertone of blue-green. It is a timeless and neutral color with gives pleasant vibes. Likewise, other dark colors look good with white, off-white color siding.

6. Turquoise exterior house colors:

Painting your house with this new trendy exterior vibrant color makes you love it. Turquoise is a deep greenish-blue color. It is the best choice for houses situated near the seashore, giving them a cool and calm look.

7. Taupe exterior house paint color:

It is versatile in shades for instance rose taupe, desert taupe, plaza taupe, etc. Such variation provides customization choices to house owners.

8. Sea pearl exterior house paint color:

It is off-white with a gray undertone. This gives a cool and fresh appearance to the home. Such color is a good choice for the neutral color lover.

9. Sage green exterior house paint color:

The sage green is a dried sage leaf’s color. In addition, other colors like pink, yellow and red complement this earthy tone. This gives a calm and tranquil feeling to your house.

10. Butter yellow exterior house paint color:

It is neither white nor complete yellow, this is a blend of both colors. This is the lightest pale yellow which gives welcoming vibes. Such color is complemented by the green garden of your home.

11. Wheat exterior house paint color:

Wheat is not common but the most extraordinary exterior paint color for houses. If you are fed up with the old white and off-white colors for the exterior this color is the best replacement.

12. Black exterior house paint color:

Black is a unique choice as a home exterior paint color. It is best for painting shutters, gates, trims, and siding of the house. It is great as an exterior paint color for cold areas homes since black absorbs heat and keeps the house warm.

In terms of color tones, Tricorn is a true black that falls in the neutral family. Lauded as many designers’ favorite black paint color, its lack of undertones makes it a versatile shade. This means it can pair beautifully with warm or cool tones of white, gray, or even a taupe exterior. I’ve also seen it used as a black window color with beautiful results.

13. Burgundy exterior house paint color:

Painting burgundy on your home gives a classic look. Pair this color with the warm brown as the roof gives lovely look to the home. Also, it makes a great combination with gray as main house paint and deep red as a trim color.

14. Light pink exterior house paint color:

Light pink is best for trim and siding exterior paint. It prominent the other dark shade paired with it. Moreover, it is trendy for modern farmhouse exterior paint accented by the gray shutter.

15. Beige exterior house paint color:

It looks like pale sandy color. Beige is warm and beautiful color. With the dark brown or natural wood front gate and windows, it gives elegant look to the home.

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