Epoxy Flooring: The Advance Epoxy Floor Technology

Epoxy flooring paint is also known as resinous flooring or polymer flooring. It has two main ingredients resin and hardener. It is laid over different surfaces like cement, wood concrete, etc. The epoxy established a strong linkage with the surface. It then turns into a tough surface.

Different flooring techniques had been used for several decades to decorate the deck. Among them, polished concrete was the most conventional. However, trends change in every industry so as in the painting industry with time. In the modern era, polished concrete is replaced by epoxy coating.

Advantages Of Epoxy Flooring :

The conventional deck flooring has many problems like slippery texture, cracks, stains, and moist capturing. But the new formulation of epoxy paint has now almost covered up these faults.

Epoxy is the first priority of industrial and commercial coating applications like steel, metal, concrete, and many more. Meanwhile, If you are thinking to renovate the deck, don’t hesitate to try epoxy. You will be amazed by the results.

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1.      Appearance and Covering Defects

Epoxy with its smooth, shiny, and seamless. Such qualities give an attractive glossy look. It is available in many color options. You can custom-make the deck by adding decorative chips of mica or quartz.

Epoxy changes the complete look of the area. Whether it’s a home, hospital, hotel, or commercial building it gives classy look. The glassy surface reflects the light in place, the space will acquire a fresh and on-trend style. Moreover renovating the garage with epoxy gives a showroom look almost in no time.

2.      Cost-Effective:

Among many other benefits, epoxy is the cheapest. Comparatively to old flooring technologies they are too expensive. The price per square is very low.  It makes it affordable for mediocre people too. The amazing thing is such flooring life span is more than a decade.

It can be set up easily over the existing floor. Which would on the contrary need repair. This means to spend extra bucks. Its installation and drying is also a less time taking process. On other hand, the alternative flooring needs more time. Any defects that appear during the process if concerned urgently will save the money. But to avoid these faults we highly recommend to acquires expert services. The professional work is worth investment. Apart from money saving it saves time too. If you are looking for professional epoxy flooring services in Dubai. The 2painter is our choice for you which is the best painting company in Dubai.

3.      Resistance of Epoxy Flooring:

Epoxy exhibits resistance to many things.

  • Stains and Water Resistant

The conventional flooring like concrete, wood, and other laminate seep in water. The second most common problem with them they get stained easily. Alternative to them epoxy is persistent to water diffusion and spots. The resistance to water prevents it from deforming and discoloring.

  • Weather Resistant

It also bears a high temperature of up to 395 Fahrenheit degree. The flooring exposure to sunlight or extreme temperature is not a worry anymore. This quality broadens the epoxy applications. Now it is used for metal and steel painting too.

  • Chemical Resistant

Chemical handling is a day-to-day job in industrial areas. These chemicals damage the industrial equipment. Likewise, if such chemicals accidentally spill on concrete floor. it also gets adversely affected. Epoxy coating is the best solution to both above mention challenges. Epoxy has a chemical-resistant ability. That will preserve the factory equipment from chemical corrosion. This is also one of the reasons behind epoxy flooring popularity in industries and commercial space. Besides this, it is oil resistant too.

  •  Shock Resistant

Epoxy withstands high shocks. For instance, in industry heavy tools fell overground. Such mishap cracks the ordinary floor, while in epoxy case it vice versa.

4.      Strength of Epoxy Flooring:

When it comes to strength, epoxy outclasses all its competitive deck technologies. Epoxy is capable to hold up to 10,000 psi. Whereas others can only bear 3000 to 4000 psi. In simple epoxy is the hardest covering. Epoxy on solidifying becomes plastic-like material. Which is designed specifically to withstand heavy loads in industries and garages. Its strength sustains it for a longer time.

5.      Protection

It is responsible for the protection of the surface beneath it. Whether its application is as flooring or metal and steel painting.

6.      Operational Safety of Epoxy Flooring:

Above all safety is the first measure everyone thinks of slipping is a preventative measure in workplaces factories, hotels, restaurants, garages, and many more. Although epoxy is a highly gleaming surface. But it has anti-slip components. It can be mixed with shingle, silt, and grit to add grip property. It enhances visibility with its superb reflective surface. Hence making it safer to walk without tumbles and bumps. These characteristics make it a perfect option for such spaces.

During the curing period, the fumes will not cause any damage if the professional take proper measures. Extensive ventilation can simply avoid fumes accumulation and choking too. Make sure your service providers have the ventilation equipment’s along with them.

7.    Ease of Maintenance

The bothersome part about the floor is indeed cleaning. The rough surface makes the cleaning much hectic. Along with that stain, retention makes it more horrible work. Similarly in the garage, the oil and petrol spill commonly, which sticks to the ordinary floor. Also in the industries and factories, this is an everyday issue. With the epoxy floor, such chemical and oil mess can be cleaned with a single wipe. Epoxy also does not need any specific maintenance to stay in good condition for long time. Epoxy is truly ideal for garages and industries.

8.      Eco-friendly

Many people thought epoxy is made from chemicals, so it may be environmentally hazardous. In contrast, epoxy contains all eco-friendly chemicals. Also, the fumes generated during the process are not toxic. Further, the revamp is less often prevented chemical over-usage. Unlike other floorings, no waste remains behind after work completion.

Epoxy Floor Paint Installation Professionals:

Finally, after knowing the benefits of epoxy flooring. You want to revamp your floor, professionals can do the job well. With professionals, you get reliable, smooth, and as well customized design decks. Those who are Dubai residents if need epoxy flooring services or have any queries can contact us.

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