Best Wallpapers In Dubai Advice For Home Interior

In the old-time textile wallpaper designs, had been used to spruce up the space. However, with time innovation bring forward and now we have different wallpaper designs. Wallpapers give you many choices for room decoration due to the variety and variation in prints. But this aesthetic choice in turn requires time and money. Still don’t worry about the price the variation in wallpaper types provides a range of pricing that is from low to high. So, you can choose according to your affordability. We review the different available wallpapers in Dubai to help you to choose which best suits you.

1.    Glass cloth Wallpaper

Its other name is lining paper and composes of fiberglass. In fiberglass wallpapers, the stings of silica glass are woven and a sheet is made. Such wallpaper does not need extra wall coatings as it hides the wall flaws. In addition, such wallpaper act as an insulator and keep the room warm in winter and cool in summer. Yet this type of wallpaper needs extra care, stains should be immediately clean as it can leave spots and damage the wallpaper’s beauty. Moreover, it may contain faults like knots and cuts.

2.     Textile Wallpaper

The textile wallpapers were one of the old types. Yet it’s still famous even today to give new look to homes. This wallpaper is made up of fabric, velvet, silk, or cotton and comes in a variety of patterns too. Fabric wallpapers are breathable and have insulation properties. However, it also has some limitations too. Such wallpaper is costly, moisture sensitive, and hard to hang on walls.

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3.     Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl wallpapers have an extra layer of PVC or Vinyl on the fabric or paper front. It is most popular and widely used because of its high longevity and moist resistance. Such wallpaper is an excellent choice for damp places like kitchens and restrooms as it can withstand moisture. Vinyl wallpapers are cheaper and don’t need extra maintenance. Thus, it is the best cost-effective alternative to painting.

4.     Foil Wallpaper

A foil wallpaper can either be completely made up of metallic foil or a sheet is applied to paper. There is various color variation like gold, silver, and copper. The gold color is top trending in foil wallpaper in Dubai. The shiny nature gives a unique and whole new look to your space. Also, the light reflecting property gives a spacious feel to your area. Foil wallpapers quickly crease which fades their colors. Hence you should need to be extra careful while hanging wallpaper. Moreover, foil also conducts electricity which makes it dangerous while hanging near the sockets. For such reason, we indeed suggest hiring the professional for the job.

5.     Flock Wallpaper

Flock wallpaper is the most luxurious and most expensive wallpaper of all types. Such wallpaper has velvet-like fiber binds to paperback. Also, the pattern gives three-dimensional look. This type of wallpaper best suits the guest room as it reflects the luxurious touch. In a brief flock, wallpapers are soft, elegant, non-removable, and non-washable.

6.     Mylar Wallpaper

It is created by sticking polyester sheets over the paper. Mylar wallpaper is somehow like foil wallpaper in appearance. Such wallpaper has a shiny presentation and is water-resistant. Also, it is washable and removable. Its tolerance to water makes it the perfect choice for the kitchen and washroom. In short, such wallpaper is durable, washable, cost-effective, and easy to maintain.

7.     Bamboo Wallpaper

Bamboo wallpaper is made from natural bamboo. The bamboo is cut into a thin string and then woven by hand. The woven sheet then glues to paper or fabric back. Its eco-friendly, non-washable, and stains need immediate cleaning as they can leave spots. Likewise, in other wallpapers in Dubai, bamboo wallpaper has color and pattern variations too. The strings are woven in different patterns creating different styles.

8.     Paper Wallpaper

Paper wallpaper is the most common and cheapest of all wallpaper types. As the name suggests it is made up of paper. It has many patterns, textures, and designs for casual to luxurious. However, it damages quickly since there is no protective topcoat.

Do wallpapers need glue or not?

There are basically two types of wallpapers. The pre-pasted wallpaper and the non-pasted wallpaper. The pre-pasted wallpaper comes with an adhesive back, so does not need glue. On the other hand, the non-pasted wallpaper requires glue before installation.

What type of glue is used for wallpapers installation?

The standard glue is a modified special adhesive used for wallpaper installation.

Hiring Professional

Why hire professionals for wallpaper installation in Dubai?  There are different types of wallpapers in Dubai, with each having different care caution to be taken during installation. Such a task needs high skills and experience which laymen don’t have. Installation by yourself consequences in money loss and wallpaper designs damage. Therefore, hiring a professional is a better choice for you. 2painter provides the best wallpaper installation and fixing services to you.

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