Are you feeling down after long winter? Or feeling bad when entering the house after a long day of work? Then it’s the time to give some time to your home. Spruce up your home with summer home décor ideas that will uplift your mode and energize you the whole summer.

Home decorations have a direct effect on human psychology. Therefore, whenever feeling depressed even slight changes in the house will make your mode pleasant. So, let’s take the challenge and renovate your home now.

 Summer Home Decor Ideas to Boost your Mood Instantly!

Following are some quick, easy and great summer home decor ideas to give an aesthetic touch to your space.


1.      Clean the home

summer home décor ideas

Cleaning the home is not much of a summer decor but still, it helps to lift your mood. During the winter people feels so much down due to the harsh weather and colorless surrounding. So, in such a situation, you neglect the cleaning of the home. As a result, the home gets messy and dirty, and this gives negative vibes which negatively affect your mode. Therefore, summer is the right time to deep clean your home. The cleaning includes whole-home, especially areas that are ignored mostly like kitchen cabinets, windows, doors, shelves, and hidden areas like under the bed or couch.


2.      Vacuum the Furniture

spring home décor ideas

Another quick recipe to improvise your mood is to vacuum your furniture. In winter you spend most of the time sitting on couches Or beds watching movies reading books or doing assignments, this causes the furniture to get dusty and dirty. So, cleaning them brings bold and bright colors back which improves the mode.


3.      Give the Couch and Bed Summer Decor

summer home décor ideas

Now it’s time to change the couches and bed covers with some bolder colors of summer. Also, the heavy thick winter cover needs to be replaced with summer floral and amazing pattern lightweight sheets. This change is simple but very effective to spruce up your room. It brightens the room and gives it spacy look.


4.      A Vase of Flowers

spring décor ideas

Decorating your home does not mean, completely changing the outlook. Placing a small vase of flowers on the dining table, studying table, or side table of the bed brings tranquility and a soothing feel to the eyes.


5.      Walls decoration with Artwork

wall art decoration

One more simple and easy way to decorate your home is by putting some artwork on your walls. This is a fun way to spruce up your home with mixed artwork. Abstract art is the right way to enliven your home.


6.      Decor walls with vertical garden

vertical gardening ideas

Another way to decorate your home wall is by hanging a vertical garden system. You can hang them on the interior as well as exterior walls to revive your home. The natural beauty adds harmony and lifts your mood instantly. Also, you can make vertical gardening with kids via DIY videos available on YouTube. This way you can save money as well improve your kid’s creativity skills.


7.      Spruce up the Fireplace

wall painter dubai

Winter is over! So, let’s clean your fireplace. Adding a vase or any other decorative items to the fireplace beautifies the room.


8.      Furniture Arrangement

painter in dubai

It’s little hectic work but very impressive to change the outlook of your home. Rooms with the same interior design throughout the year bring boredom. Therefore, summer is the right time to rearrange your furniture in a new manner.

Even slightly changing the position of furniture like a couch, side table, or study table takes the room to a whole new level of interior decoration and gives comfort feel. Hence, start now rearranging your furniture to have an aesthetic feel.


9.      Change the Welcome Mat

apartment painting service

Welcome mats take the worst treatment, especially in winter. Rain, snow, and muddy boots rubbing on the mat make it dirty. Hence, changing it with a new colorful mat will bring you pleasure. Also, if you cannot buy a new one, cleaning the old one will do the job.


10.  Paint the Front Door and windows

door and window painting

When have you painted your window and front door? Is it a long time ago? So, it’s the right time to paint some bright and cool summer colors. Moreover, if you are interested to do a painting project yourself then must read the blog door and window painting method and tips. Also, you can get professional painting services in Dubai from the renowned 2painter company.


11.  Front Door: Summer Décor Ideas

door painting in dubai

Has your door painting project been done long ago? Let’s decorate it now.  You can hang the wreath, a bouquet of flowers, or hang a lantern on the sidewall, or decorate the sidewall with some strap of artificial flowers. Further adding a large vase of flowers on the side will intensify the scenic beauty.


12.  Outdoor Lights

wall painter

Another easiest decoration tip, hang some lights indoors or outdoor. Various sizes of lights are available, you can use any size you love. The night view of outdoor lighting is so much appealing place to spend time with friends and family members.


13.  Bring Furniture Outdoors

Painting Services in Dubai Marina

Summer is a time mostly everyone loves to spend outdoor. Even one loves to do work, or any other creative project while sitting on the lawn enjoying the cool breeze at the same time. Therefore, sprucing up the porch and garden will be a great idea.  Take a small couch or pair of chairs outdoor with colorful pillows to make a perfect working space.


14.  Garden Decoration

painting dubai

Spring is the best time to plant new ornamental plants in the garden. But if you miss that don’t worry, buy some from a nearby nursery and start decorating your garden now for summer. Placing different style vases with a colorful variety of flowers is a simple decorating idea. Also, you can hang the vertical vase on the boundary walls of your home. This will give a lavish and pleasant look to your home and natural beauty at the same time uplift your mood and energy.


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