Looking for pricing for hiring a painter in Dubai for your home, villa, or commercial building? Then you are in right place. We will cover most of your questions about painting in Dubai in this article. So, stay tuned to get most of the knowledge you will need in your painting project.

To tell the exact cost of the painting project is not possible at all. There are a lot of factors to investigate before wall painting. Thus, on these factors basis, one can tell the exact cost of painting. Therefore, it is suggested to book a wall painter professional for a survey before painting to know your painting project’s total cost. However, 2painter provides a free cost estimation offer on their webpage. You have to just put your project detail in it, and it will show you the estimated cost. In this way, you don’t have to call for a survey team at your home, villa, or commercial building for inspection.

Factors that decide the prices of Painter in Dubai

Following are the main factors that affect the cost of hiring a painter in Dubai.



The number of workforces is directly proportional to the cost of painting. The more you demand more labor to quickly wrap up your painting project, the more it will cost.

Time taken by painting project:

painter in Dubai

Painting a small area or single wall painting will cost you less. Since such small projects take only an hour or two. Therefore, you get charged hourly for this. On the contrary, painting a whole house, apartment or commercial building will take days and for this, you will be charged accordingly. The per-hour rate of painters in Dubai is 15-25 AED and per day is between 130 – 200 AED.



Painting tools are another factor to take into account for cost estimation. If painting your project needs fewer tools then it will lessen the cost while on the other hand, it is a vice versa case. Moreover, the paint quantity required is equally important. The Equipment price is between 20-90 AED.

Transportation for Painter in Dubai:


Some painting companies don’t take the transportation responsibility of painter for small projects, especially hourly work. Thus, the customer is obliged to bear the pick and drop charges.  In such case, we recommend 2painter painting services company which don’t burden their client with transportation charges.

Paint Brands:


Different paint brands have different prices for their product. This also affects the painting expanse. The paint prices vary on basis of quality and type of paint. The high-quality paint and oil-based paint prices are higher than low quality and water-based paint.  Further, the paint color variation also affects the expanse of the wall painting. The white and off-white paint prices are low while pigment paint prices are higher. Jotun paint price ranges from 60-180 AED while National paint ranges from 25- 120 AED. Do you know why more people want Epoxy Flooring Paint in homes?

Layers of paint:


The new home usually needs multiple coats. However, using oil-based paints need 2-3 layer even for the new building. Also, you have had dark paint color before and now thinking of brighter paint color it will require more coating layers. Thus, this scenario will raise the painting expanse too.  Get an affordable apartment, villa, or house painting service in Dubai only by 2painter.

Plain coating or design painting:


Coating a plain coat of paint on walls will always cost you less. However, making a design on a wall with paint is sophisticated work and therefore is expensive.

 Experienced wall painter or fresh wall painter in Dubai:


If you demand an experienced painter from a painting company in Dubai. Then experience comes with more wages i.e., 25 AED/hr. Unlike experience painters, the fresh painter rates are fairly low i.e.,15 AED/hr.

Wall conditions:


Wall conditions do matters too. If walls need extensive repair, then the repairing cost will add up in the project. Similarly, if the walls had many wallpaper layers and need removing. Then extra charges of approximately 70-100 AED will be paid for it.

Interior or Exterior wall painting:


Interior and exterior wall painting need different paint types. Thus, the cost of interior painting will be different than exterior painting. The paints used for interior painting are distemper, wall putty, etc. which are basically low in rates. In contrast, exterior paints are latex paint, emulsion and prices are higher.

Move-in and Move out Service by Painter in Dubai:


wall Painting needs to move out the items. If you are taking move-in and move-out services from a painting company it will increase the cost of the project directly. The move-in and move-out services usually charge 1800- 2000 AED in Dubai.

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