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Are you looking to update the look of your house? You are at the right place. 2Painter is a certified company that offers professional door & furniture painting services at very affordable rates. Do not overlook doors. Painting the doors makes a huge impact on the overall appearance of your house. It is a quick and easy way to increase the value of your residential and commercial buildings.

Whenever you freshly build construct your place it needs interior paint or you just seek to brighten your interior walls, furniture, doors etc. So, hiring an interior painter is a simple and effective way to get the painting job done. We consider, hiring a painting company for the first without any experience, might seems a bit overwhelming. By knowing what to expect from your company makes an easier task.

Our one-day door painting job gives a brand new look to your house. Whether you choose a neutral classic tone or bright pop-up colors, we turn your dreams into reality. We offer exclusive services for painting all types of doors including sliding pocket doors, French doors, solid wooden doors, ply wooden doors, acrylic & plastic doors, and many other types of doors.

Painting front doors is not sufficient. The doors of cabinets and cupboards are equally important. A refreshing coat with a matte or gloss finish transforms the look of the interior of your house in no time. Your garage is designed for parking vehicles and storing unnecessary items. We are specialized in painting all types of garage doors including steel, copper, aluminum, wood, vinyl, and glass.

Our experienced door & furniture painting contractors help you find the right color and type of paint. We are experienced in doing all necessary prep work to create a perfect finish in just one day. Likewise, we are ready to serve our clients in the commercial and industrial sectors. We take care of everything for you! Schedule a free consultation with our experts.

Besides painting the doors, we also apply varnish on the surface to make the doors look better. We use a lint-free piece of cloth soaked in varnish for application. We wait until it is dried to smooth the surface by using sandpaper. Then, we apply second and third coats of varnish on the surface to create a smooth and durable coat.

Our Exclusive Door Painting Services:

2Painter provides a full line of door painting services in Dubai. Our exclusive door painting services include:

  • Interior door painting
  • Exterior door painting
  • Cabinet door painting
  • Cupboard door painting
  • Commercial & industrial door painting

If you are looking for other types of door painting services, please notify us at the time of bookings.

Door Painting Prices:

The prices for door painting services are based on your specifications. The starting prices for wooden door painting services start from AED 450. The prices vary as per material, size, and type of the door.

Our 6-Step Door Painting Process :

2Painters follow a strategic plan for painting doors as per your specifications. Here is a brief description of our 6-step process for painting doors.

1# Door Inspection:

At the first stage, our expert door painting contractors inspect the doors to determine their requirements. It helps us to design a customized plan within your budget.

2# Discussion with Clients:

After a detailed door inspection, we discuss the entire project with clients. We welcome opinions from our clients and suggest suitable options to meet their requirements. We choose the right strategy after approval from our clients.

3# Detach The Doors:

Before starting the door painting job, we detach the doors from hinges by using professional tools. It helps us to prep the surface and paint the doors without compromising on quality.

4# Prep The Surface:

We use graters and scrubbers to prep the surface before painting. We apply high-quality primers to prime the surface with exceptional adhesive properties.

5# Painting the Doors:

We use non-toxic, eco-friendly, and non-fuming painting materials for doors. Additionally, we use professional-grade painting spray to paint every corner of the doors. After this, we apply a coat of varnish or matte finish sealer to increase the durability of the paint.

6# Analysis of the Results:

We inspect the doors unless to determine the results. If we find any flaws, we try to fix the problem without compromising on quality. We fix the hinges and make your door ready to use in just a few minutes with relative ease.

Why hire Our Door Painting Services?

Choosing a color scheme is very confusing, so our color expertise simplifies it.

Slapping paint on door and furniture is not easy, so our skillful professionals know every technique to coat paint.

  • Our professionals have a level of expertise to choose the quality of paint being used.
  • The cleanup work after painting can be unpleasant, but don’t worry our professionals will clean the mess and make sure the room is well organized.
  • We understand every door has a unique design, structure, and requirements. That’s why we design a custom-made strategy for painting doors.
  • We know how to apply the right quantity of paint without creating disturbance and splashes.
  • We hold the expertise to use different colors on edges and sides.
  • We use state-of-the-art machinery and industry-specific tools to paint every corner of the doors.
  • All painting materials are internationally proven, eco-friendly, and 100% safe.

How to contact Us?

We understand the busy schedule of our customers, so our service is just a call away from you. Call us at +971 54 556 5956 and make your dream come true. You can also drop your mail at [email protected], for any sort of queries; our services are available for you. Our current location is Grosvenor Business Tower Dubai, UAE. Once you hire us, we assure you won’t go to any other painting services in Dubai.

You can contact us to get a free estimation for door painting services in Dubai. Please specify your requirements, type of door, and size of the door. We monitor your provided information for estimation. However, our estimated rates may vary from actual rates because of several technical reasons.

Feel free to share your experience or queries with us.



Description with Jotun Paint Charges for Apartment Painting Charges for Villa Painting
Studio Apartment AED 650/- AED 850/-
1 Bedroom AED 850/- AED 1000/-
2 BedroomAED 1200/- AED 2000/-
3 Bedroom AED 1,500/- AED 2650/-
4 Bedroom AED 3000/- AED 3550/-
5 Bedroom AED 4000/- AED 4500/-
Description With National Paint Charges for Apartment Painting Charges for Villa Painting
Studio Apartment 450 AED 650 AED
1 Bedroom 750 AED 850 AED
2 Bedroom 1100 AED 1850 AED
3 Bedroom 1400 AED 2250 AED
4 Bedroom 2500 AED 3000 AED
5 Bedroom 3000 AED
3500 AED


Al ManaraJumeirah SecondNad Al hamar
Al Markad Jumeirah ThirdMirdif
Al MinaMadinat JumeirahMuhaisnah l
Al MuraqabatMankhoolMuhaisnah ll
Al MuteenaNaifAl Mizhar
Al Nahda FirstOud MehtaAl Khawaneej
Al Nahda SecondUmm Al ShaifAl Waqara l
Al QusaisUmm SaqaimAl Waqara ll
Al RiqqaZa'abel FirstAl Waqara lll
Al SafaZa'abel SecondNaad Al Shiba l
Al SatwaAl MurarNaad Al Shiba ll
Al ShindaghaAl KhabisiNaad Al Shiba lll
Al WahedaAltwar lNaad Al Shiba lV
Al WaslAltWar llRas Al khor industrial Area l
Hor Al AnzAl RashidiaRas Al khor industrial Area ll
Hor Al Anz EastNadd ShammaRas Al khor industrial Area lll
Jumeirah FirstUmm RamoolAl Marqadah
Business BayKnowledge VillageJebel Ali Industrial Area
Al QuozDubai Internet Cityjumeirah Residence
Al Barsha lDubai Media CityThe Gardens
Al Barsha llDubai Festival CityThe Springs
Al Barsha lllJebel Ali PortThe Jumeirah Islands
The LakesThe MeadowsEmirates Hills


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