Things to consider when choosing exterior house colors


Choosing exterior house colors does not depend only on your choice. But there are a lot more things to keep in mind while selecting exterior paint colors. Today we will discuss these things to make your exterior paint colors selection super easy.

1.      Landscaping or Home Architecture

If your home is in the city, you can go with dark colors like grey, brown, etc. But living in a village or town you can use a bright color. In a similar manner home, architecture can also help. Like a home with a yard, you must select the paint that complements your yard’s green color. We suggest bold colors that will balance the overall view of the home with the yard.

2.      Exterior house colors of Neighborhood

While choosing exterior paint keep the neighbor’s house in mind. You must find the contrasting paint color with your neighbors. Selecting not complementing color with a neighbor can ruin your home’s complete look. if you still find it a difficult task just consult the Best painting company in Dubai. They will truly suggest the best color. So, your home will stand out among the neighbors.

3.      Follow the Sun

Sunlight is also another important factor as well in exterior color selection. The sunlight has a direct impact on colors. Full sunlight enhances the color thus, you must notice where your home gets more or less light and also at what part of the day. Go with soft color where your home receives most of the light to prevent the gaudy effect.

You can also get our expert suggested exterior colors in 15 Fantastic Exterior House Paint Color Ideas in Dubai article.

4.     Construction Materials of your Home

Today there is a lot of choices for the home material, you can construct a home with. Hence you must paint the exterior accordingly to your home materials. So, your home is stone, bricks, or a combo of both? Is your home wooden or just have a wooden door? You must know the home material and then select the color scheme that blends with construction materials’ colors. Mostly we prefer to paint the same color as of construction material hence they look superb. Instead of painting with the same paint color, you can rather go with the natural colors of materials. However, if you intended to paint the exterior, keep these materials in consideration.

5.      Roof Construction Materials

There are many different types of roofs based on the material. The tile, cement roofs are common presently but still, a good number of people prefer old-style roofing. Similarly, to exterior wall materials, the roof materials are equally important to consider while choosing an exterior color palette.

Roof materials have their own color so your home exterior must blend with such colors. If your roof color is black or grey, then don’t worry too much. These colors are complemented by all colors. But if you have other than these two colors you should be very precise in selecting exterior paint. Choose the color that would not clash with the roof color. In addition, there is a general rule for home exterior color that paints warm roof colors with warm siding and cool roof colors with cool siding colors.

6. Your budget For Exterior House Colors

Budget! Budget! Budget! The most important of all is your affordability in every matter. If you have a good budget, you can go with any paint color you love. However, if your budget is low so you must kill your taste and go with long-lasting paint colors. Even you don’t like it, man. I know it’s hard but it’s good for your own stake. Again, the bright colors fade quickly so avoid and go with dark colors as they have longevity.

7.      Resale plan

If you plan on selling your home or your purpose of construction home is selling. Then simply use the common exterior paint colors like white, grey, cream colors, etc. Just don’t paint an uncommon color like red, orange that would dislike by the buyer. The uncommon colors are not the favorite of most people. Furthermore, choose the colors that are persistent and long-standing. Moreover, if you are looking to paint your building we provide all types of painting services in Dubai like house painting, villa painting, and apartment painting.

8.      Test Colors on the Home

If you cannot select color yourself and can’t afford the paint expert, then simply test the paint on your home. Different paint companies provide virtual paint color testing on their web. It is a simple and super-easy way to choose a paint color that suits your home. Also is free and some may cost very little.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most fad exterior house colors for homes?

The popular colors of all time are mostly dark color schemes like grey, brown, rustic red, and many more.

What color stay for a long time?

The dark colors are long-lasting.

What colors fade the fastest?

Bold or bright colors become dim very quickly due to sunlight, for instance, blue, orange, green, etc.

What colors give the illusion of a bigger home?

Light colors make an illusion, so a small house looks bigger. The color examples are off-gray, off-while, and beige.

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