Which are the best paint companies in Dubai for home interior and exterior painting? Whenever there are more options to choose from. There is always confusion about which one is the best. The same goes for so many paint companies in Dubai. There are more than 150 paint manufacturers in Dubai, which makes it harder to select the best among them. Therefore, we wrote this specific article to help customers in the selection of the right and top-quality paint without any hassle.

Our recommendation and selection of the best paint brands in Dubai are on basis of some parameters. These parameters are below:

  • Customer Satisfaction Reviews
  • Paint Hues Range
  • Paint Stability and Durability
  • Eco-Safe
  • Paint Coverage
  • Drying time

The Top Paint Manufacturers In Dubai

  1. Jotun Paints
  2. National Paints
  3. Asian Paints
  4. Benjamin Moore
  5. Caparol Paints
  6. Kansai Paints
  7. Oasis Paints


1.      Jotun Paint Brands:

Jotun Paints is among the world’s biggest Paint Manufacturers. Besides Dubai, it serves in more than 100 countries. In Dubai, Jotun Paints has an extensive network of suppliers and Jotun Multicolor Centers. Jotun Paints has a wide variety of Paints for all purposes like home interior and exterior, industrial machine coating, and even for sea vessels paints. Also, it has a diverse range of color schemes. Moreover, it has the best quality, coverage, durability, and above all is very safe for the environment. It has been noted Jotun Paint is the most demanded Paint in Dubai and is the best seller so far.

2.      National Paint Company:

It is the second most selling paint in Dubai. Also, National paints are available worldwide. The National paint Company is known for its Decorative Paints and for fire resistance up to 4 hours. Likewise, Jotun has many paint types for wood, steel, buildings, marine ships, and most important is Epoxy paint. Epoxy paint is new paint technology in the paint industry and if need to know more about it read the blog Know why more people want Epoxy Flooring Paint in homes. If you got intrested in Epoxy paint take our best epoxy floor painting services in Dubai.

Further, it is the best quality paint, durable with low VOC, and has very low prices. Also, it has more than 300 color combinations.

3.      Asian Paint Manufacturer:

Asian Paints stand third in the competition of the top paint companies in Dubai list. It is a very renowned name in paint industries all across the world. Further, it has a high quality of paint types with 1800 color combinations. Also, it is a very economical paint with the stainless feature. It is famous among customers for its claim that National Paints are antibacterial and capable of absorbing pollutants in the air.

4.      Benjamin Moore Paints:

It is founded by  Benjamin Moore in 1883 in the USA. But soon it expands its network all over the world and become paint’s top competitor. Benjamin Moore offers a variety of paint for the interior and exterior of the home. It has a color combination of 200 hues. It has notably the best exterior paint with durability, remarkable coverage, and UV resistance. Although it is superior quality paint, it is expensive at the same time.

5.      Caparol Paint Brand:

Corporal is the fifth-best Europe-based paint industry. It is the No#1 paint brand in Germany for commercial painting and residential painting projects. It come to UAE in 1998. Caparol Paints provides from low pricing range to high price with excellent quality. The paints products include emulsions, distemper, cement paint, oil paint, etc. Likewise, Benjamin Moore, Caparol Paint is also popular for its exterior paint among customers.

6.      Kansai Paint Company:

A Japan-based paint company the Kansai is famous for odorless, water-based paint. It also claims to be eco-friendly with the lowest VOC and lead. Similarly, to other paints, it has a color scheme of more than 15k for both exterior and interior residential wall painting.

7.      Oasis Paints:

It is the local brand of the Middle East and has been preferred by big corporations for their painting projects. Oasis  Paints is well popular for decorative paints. Also, its high sustainably and durability is the main reason behind customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Oasis is the only paint brand that claims to have zero VOC in its products. It also has diverse paints and paints color schemes for its customers.


If you are looking for the best interior painting, go with Jotun Paints and National paints. For exterior Painting, Benjamin Moore and Caporal paints are popular. The first choice should be  Benjamin Moore but if you are low on budget then Caporal is best for you. If you are choosy in color schemes then Asian paints and Kansai have the most color combination of all. Finally, an eco-friendly Oasis is a great choice. In the end, if you need the best painter in Dubai get our house painting services which are top-class.

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