How to Choose Kids Room Paints?

Stop! Don’t go with random kids’ room paints. Colors have a very strong impact on humans’ emotions. Some color gives a happy feel while others are motivational. These little angels need border paint colors for the room that energize them.

A child’s room or nursery can be one of the best time places in your home to brighten. This isn’t an ideal opportunity to go moderate colors. Be energetic, particularly with regard to paint tone. However, how would you limit your decisions? We went to inside plan and shading specialists to get familiar with their best ways to pick the right tone for your youngster’s room.

  • Know Your Kids Favorite Paint Color

Very few kids don’t know which color attracts them. However, if your child is young, he/she must have their favorite colors. Paint children’s rooms with their chosen colors give a boost to confidence and enhance the decision-making ability in the future. Let your child be in paint color, yet you can help them is selecting a hue that reflects with room decoration.

  • Select Through Color Psychology

According to color psychology, different colors give arousal to different emotions in kids. So, understanding your kid’s emotional status, you can easily select the paint colors for their room. For instance, if your child feels low all the time you can go with yellow or white. Yellow and white colors give happiness feeling. Likewise green color will improvise the health of ill children. In the same way, warm colors like red and orange provoke excitement and enhance enthusiasm.

  • Use virtual Color simulators

Many painting companies now provide virtual color simulator services. So, now you can present to your child how the room looks. It eases the decision-making for kids as well as for you. Also, you can book our best house painting services in Dubai with the best painters in Dubai who know the right paint hues for every room.

  • Interior designer’s ideas about kids’ room paints

The following list of paint colors ideas for kids’ rooms is suggested by interior designers. If you are repainting a home or villa check the best interior wall paint colors and Exterior House Paint Colors in 2022.

1. Cerulean Blue / dark blue Paint Colors:

It is daker hue of blue. Painting kid room with darker shade makes them love the room. Dark blue is also in trending color for 2022. Also, it is regarded best paint color for kids’ rooms.

2. Yellow Paint Color:

Yellow is the brightest color of all other colors. It is the reason it grabs the attention of everyone quickly. Also, it reflects most of the light which makes the room brighter and kids’ toys become more visible. Additionally contrasting blue or light shades of green with yellow make perfect combos. The kids’ room looks even more striking.

3. Ivory color/eggshell Paint Colors:

The painting wall with white color is quite old and feels depressing. You can use the alternative pale-yellow color even if you love simplicity. Such neutral kids’ rooms provide a calm and soothing feel to kids.

4. Vanilla/ off-white Kids Room Paints:

Vanilla another shade of yellow is loved by kids. With the off-white background, the furniture and decoration in the room become more visible. This creates a serene for the child which promotes the child’s perspective.

5. Aqua/ocean blue/sea blue Paint Colors:

Among the blue color aqua is the vibrant color. This color complement many other colors for instance coral, pink, green, yellow, etc. It is perfect for an apartment or house near the beach. Moreover, if you add a boat-shaped bed to the kids’ room, it will be a complete ocean picture. The kids would truly love it.

6. Soft Blues /Sky Blue Paint Color:

The lighter the blue shade the more soothing feeling it gives to the mind. Adding blue color to kids’ rooms improves their sleep and memorization ability. Blue colors are often used in baby boys’ rooms. But this old school though has been changed, and now even girls’ room is painted blue.

7. Beige/ sand Room Paints:

It is also recommended by many interior designers for kids’ rooms. Furthermore, painting the ceiling the blue or yellow color with beige color gives wonderful look to the kid’s room. Since it’s a neutral paint color so, it does need repainting even your child grows. Beige color is also associated with tranquility.

8. Pale Green Room Paint:

The bolder colors are only suitable for the kids’ rooms. Such color looks odd in other spaces of the house. Likewise, another brighter color pale green is an energetic color. Also, its brightness gives a spacious feeling in the room, even though there is a small light in the room.

9. Lilac / light purple/ Faded Lavenders:

The light purple hue gives strong positive vibes. Also, it looks very pleasant to eye that your kid cannot resist it. The soft tone creates more peaceful surroundings than intense purple hues. This color paint is appropriate for the girl’s room.

10. Light Pink / Coral Paint Hues:

The coral color is unique and looks beautiful. This is a traditionally feminine color so you can choose this paint for your daughter’s room. This color is warm as well as charming without overwhelming the space.

11. Dusty Rose / Dark pink Paint Hues:

This is sophisticated color with a more neutral tone. It’s also adult girls’ color so it won’t need a repaint even you girls get older. Further complementing it with wallpaper even gives a more gorgeous look to the room.

12. Light Gray Paint Color:

Grey color also emits vibes of playfulness and coolness to your kid’s room. Also, it is suitable for older age too so this color with stays for long even kids grows. Furthermore, to give a brighter touch to the room you can add bolder colors artwork, murals, and bedsheets which can be changeover.

13. Teal Paint Scheme:

Teal color is another super calming paint. It suits both genders. Such color transforms the room to a whole other level. Also, it’s the most widely used color in interior design. According to color psychology, this color possesses both blue and green effects on emotions that are calmness and balance.

14. Dark Green Kids Room Paint:

2022 is the year of biophilia. Therefore,  green is predicted on top of all colors for 2022. It connects the kids to nature. Such color can also be used for both boys’ and girls’ rooms. This color symbolize harmony and promote health.


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