13 Aspects To Compare Different Wall Paints

Painting is a conventional method of protecting and giving better look to any type of building. Even today most people preferred wall painting over many other covering methods. There are mainly two wall paints types that are water-based paint and oil-based paint. Like any other covering, these wall paints do have their pros and cons. Today 2painter experts share their expertise on comparison between water-based and oil-based paints. Also, their merits and demerits are discussed.

Preparation of wall paints:

The preparation time for water-based paint is less as it itself fill up the cracks and holes in the wall and hide them.

While oil-based paints need first wall faults repairing and then you can apply oil-based paint. Also, oil-based paints do not hide the defects in the wall rather it highlights them.

Drying time of wall paints:

The water-based paints require less time to dry up which is 2-4 hours. Therefore, even multiple coating consumes less time, and the painting job can be finished in a day.

On the other hand, oil-based paints need a long time to dehydrate which is about 8- 10 hours. Thus, one has to hold on to the second coating. Consequently, this increases the painting time even for small spaces.

The durability of paint types:

Water-based paints are preferred for home interior painting and are durable. However, it cannot withstand extreme weather conditions and is therefore not suitable for exterior painting. Further, it has the disadvantage of peeling off with time.

Oil-based paint can withstand ultraviolet radiation and better choice for home exterior painting. However, oil paints get dull quickly over time and need repainting after a couple of years.

Coverage of wall paints:


Water-based paints have less coverage as compared to oil-based ones. Moreover, water-based need 3- 4 coating layers. On the contrary, oil-based paint requires 1-2 coatings.

Equipment  and workforce:


Both types of paints require the same equipment and workforce. You can also paint the house yourself as it’s a piece of cake. However, if you need wall paint designs then you have to hire an experienced person since it’s a difficult task. Further, if you need the best painting services in Dubai, get them from renowned painting companies in Dubai.

Cost of different wall paints:

Water-based paints are cheaper while on the other hand oil base paints are expensive. Get Jotun paint now at a 30%-37% discount in Dubai.

Water Resistance:

Water-based paint is sensitive to water. It soaks water and starts peeling off. Also, it stains from the water after drying.

The oil-based paints can not be applied on moist walls. However, once applied to drywall such paints are water-resistant.

Damage resistance:


Water-based paints start shedding after 5 years. Just as water-based, oil-based paints have the drawback that they crack with time.

Stain resistance:

The water-based paints stain quickly and become dirty soon. Unlike water-based paints, oil paints are easy to maintain. The stains or spots can be wiped off with a simple cloth.

The appearance of wall paints:

The water-based paint lack gloss. In contrast, oil paints are shiny and make the space look brighter.

Cleaning after wall painting:


Oil paints are tough types of paint and are therefore very difficult to clean the spots after painting. You must be very cautious while applying oil paints. In contrast, rubbing the wet cloth on water base paints will clean the area.

Environmentally safe factor:


The water-based has a small amount of volatile organic compounds. Hence it is safer and ecofriendly. While oil paints contain a high amount of such compounds and therefore little hazardous to the environment. Keeping the toxic point in view now the painting companies are working on formulating less toxic oil paint.

Color combination of wall paints:


Both types of paints have diverse color combinations. There is approximately more than 200 color variation available with 2painter painting company. This excessive color variation gives more choice of colors for your home sweet home.







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